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Welcome to the Patriot Insurance Agency

Patriot InsurancePatriot Insurance Agency is a combat veteran owned business that brings the best qualities of serving one’s nation to the insurance industry.  With an emphasis on honesty, loyalty and integrity we are an industry leader. 

At Patriot Insurance Agency, we pledge to our clients that we will provide unmatched customer service at competitive pricing.  We offer a diversity of tailored insurance solutions that provide coverage to fit your risk management requirements.  Our strategic approach allows us to work closely with specific commercial industries.  Therefore, we are the insurance experts for your business. 

With our 21st century computer automation and an emphasis on customer service you can be confident that our qualified staff will assist you when require. 

Patriot Insurance Agency was established in 2006 after Nicholas Morgan returned from serving honorably in Iraq.  While the Agency is young its staff has over 50 years experience in the commercial insurance industry.  Several of the agency’s clients have been serviced by its staff for the past two decades.